FIFA 22 Article Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

10. 5. 2022 16:39

We have gathered all the possible questions regarding the eSPORT PURCHASING LEAGUE in one place!

What do I need to take part in the tournament?

● A PS4/PS5 console

● FIFA 22 game (PS4 version)

● Playstation plus subscription

How do I join the tournament?

It is very simple, once the registrations are open, you will simply create your profile on the

website and join the available tournament for your brand. Once you are in the tournament,

we will create the tournament schedule and you will then play the matches at given times.

Invites will be sent to your google calendar as well, so you will not forget the dates.

What if I can't play at a certain date?

Then you will notify the admin team (via the website) and we will work with you and your

opponent to find a time that fits you both.

I seem to have the wrong NAT type. How can I check this?

You can find more information about NAT types here.

What if I have any questions regarding the tournament, rules, etc.?

Simple reach out to the admin team via the website and all your questions will be answered.

Do i need to install any third party software or apps to use the website or communicate with the admin team?

No, you do not need to install andy additional software, all the features and tools you need are available on the website.

Are there any fees for taking part in the tournament?

No, the whole process is completely free, there are no fees hidden in any place or time of the activity.


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