eSPORT Purchasing League | Group stage

eSPORT Purchasing League | Group stage


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PlayStation PS4

Closed tournament

This tournament does not accept registrations

How to play a match?

After you agree on a date with your opponent and when the agreed date and time comes you can play your match by following these rules:

1. First, open the match details and find the PSN ID of your opponent

2. Memorize or write down your opponents PSN ID. Locate the search feature in your Playstation menu.

3. From available tabs, choose the  “Players” tab and input the Game Account (PSN ID) of your opponent. After his profile is found, open it.

4. Use the  “Add friend” button to add your opponent into your friend list.

5. Launch the FIFA 22 game.

6. In the game menu choose ”Play".

7. Choose “Quickplay modes”

8. Choose “Online friendlies”

9. Create a new “friendly season”

10. From the friend list, pick the opponent that you have added previously in the steps 1-4.

11. You will then have to set up the match rules:

Half Length: 6mins
Controls: Any
Game Speed: Normal
Squad Type: Online

12. After setting up the rules of the match, confirm the invitation by clicking on “Invite”. The creator of the match (you) will be placed in the lobby and you can send an invitation to your opponent. This invitation will be shown to your opponent and he can accept it. To do so, he will first have to press the PS button on his gamepad (the button with the Playstation logo in the middle of the gamepad).

13. Your opponent accepts the invite by clicking “Join group” 

14. Now is the time to choose your team and the playing kits (jerseys). Since it is allowed to have a mirror matchup (both players pick the same team) we strongly recommend choosing different color variations if that is the case :) Confirm your choice with the X button on your gamepad.

15. Both players can now edit their starting roster or do last minute changes regarding their controller. When the invited player is ready, he clicks the “READY” button. The lobby creator then starts the game by selecting the “Play match” option.

16. The game is under way! As we say in esports → GLHF :). Do not forget to report your result after the match. This guide will help you with that task if you are not sure how to to do it.

You can also check a detailed guide with pictures.

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